It’s 8:44am. Our 26 hour journey home begins now. We land in Omaha at 9:44pm. We’d love to see y’all at the airport!

3 thoughts on “Journey

  1. Aww, that is such a cute picture of your family!!
    We miss y’all SO MUCH, but our schedule decided not to let us. *Sigh* =( Oh well…. Hopefully we’ll be able to see you guys after you come home like ASAP!!
    Safe travels!!
    Jaidyn Elise

  2. That’s an awesome picture of you guys! The Rothfuss Eight :D.
    Wish it worked out for us to come and meet you at the airport – but sadly, it doesn’t :(. Hopefully we’ll see you guys sometime soon, though!
    Thanks for the update – safe travels!

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