Home with Henry

Our first day home. Henry was up at 3am this morning and Michael followed suit at 5. Lucy has a fever and Mama is the only one not coughing.

Mama and Hanna still said it felt like Christmas today. It’s so good to be home. We got Five Guys Burgers and Fries for lunch because America. Henry is still smiley and is learning more English every day. He always likes to keep Mama in sight, bonding is such a blessing except when Mama needs to use the bathroom.

There are still struggles ahead (right now staying awake until 7pm is a struggle) but the Rothfuss 8 are doing so well. God is good.

4 thoughts on “Home with Henry

  1. Delighted for all of you! I relate to the bathroom privacy being a rarity. Praying grace on time change, health and the multiple transitions for everyone. Celebrating with you from deep in our hearts!

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