On Adventure

After a season of hearing the Lord say “wait,” we had been talking about and praying into the possibility of adopting again…  with no nest egg to put towards it, already feeling stretched thin in every way!

In the mean time, I had been reading the Jesus Storybook Bible to Michael and Lucy…
Do you know it?
I LOVE it!

“God will do it for you. Trust him. And watch!”
“God will make a way!”
“…they were lost, they didn’t know the way back. But God knew the way.”

So, here is how God entered into our story…
A few weeks ago on June 22, a Monday… Jason prayed and asked God to show us if he wanted us to adopt again.  He included in his prayer that maybe if He wanted us to, He could bring together a project Jason had been working on for a few years.  Jason had a domain name that a company was interested in purchasing, but they had been unable to settle on a price.  He had last talked to them several months ago before our China trip in hopes that the money would help make that all happen for our Sparrow.  Well, God provided all we needed there in other ways… and then some, of course – even allowing us to repay our interest free loan to Lifesong.  So after praying this prayer on that Monday,  the next day – they called him. They settled on a price, got an escrow company involved, and we  just received the check… for $11,000.
That’s amazing to type!
Can you believe that?
God is amazing.
We shouldn’t be surprised!

So, as it is hard to finish a thought around here, much less a conversation with each other… Jason and I are still at the “jaw hanging open” stage, and haven’t yet figured out exactly how to proceed or exactly what this all means… except that we are
buckling our seat belts for another adventure! 

We will keep you posted!

15 thoughts on “On Adventure

  1. I absolutely love hearing how God works the details! So, so excited for all of you as you venture together towards the heart of God!

  2. Thank you Lord for Your wonderful timing, provision,and encouragment to the Rothfuss’…we look forward to sharing in the continuing adventures of Your faithfulness in their lives!!!! Hugs

  3. When I first saw this post, I heard the others talking in the kitchen about how you guys were doing something again. I went out to see what was going on, and saw this post, and was like,”OH MY WORD!!!!”
    After I saw this, I was just a little ball of happiness. 🙂 I. AM. SO. EXCITED.
    Last night, when Savannah and I were sharing prayer requests, I told her to pray for your adoption. It’s so WONDERFUL to be praying for this!!

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  6. The above one was meant for the dedication at your church. For this post, I would say surrendering to our God who loves us most for the future is exciting, faith strengthening and richly rewarding journey! I am speaking from my own recent summer experience. He who calls us to a mission will be faithful to keep His promise and provide for every need!

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