Election Day in China

It somehow seems fitting that I would be visiting the US Consulate in China on Election Day. As we were breezed through security and relieved of our cellphones (and ability to take pictures) I couldn’t help but notice who else was in the building. From my perch in the second floor glass elevator I looked down on hundreds, hundreds of Chinese citizens. Queuing, waiting, lined up, arms full of official documents, hoping against hope for a chance. A chance to do exactly what my brother was doing. A chance to speak to an American official and maybe, just maybe, get a visa to come to America. It doesn’t matter who gets elected tomorrow, America is still going to be the best nation on God’s green earth and the shining city on a hill the world looks to.

There is a substantial amount of smog hanging over Beijing this week which has been cancelling and delaying flights. We appreciate your prayers that would not complicate our return journey. Our current plan is to fly home on Delta flight 0783 from Detroit which is scheduled to land in Omaha at 9:44pm on Thursday, November 10. We’d love to see y’all at the airport if you can make it. This will be our last public appearance for awhile because we’ll be laying low and “cocooning” for quite awhile to help Sunny bond with his new (and first ever) family.
P.S. Remember to vote! The polls are open Tuesday from 8am to 8pm. votedouglascounty.com

Notes on Henry Vol. III

Some of mother’s thoughts on Sunny for a change…

Henry is usually working on something with his hands. He is so curious. If he is not trying to discover how something works, he is probably at least holding something. When we give him a red box of sun made raisins, he carefully opens and closes the box as he eats and then saves the box when he is done. Today he started saying “mama” and I even got a kiss! He also learned to say and sign “more” and we practiced that until the container of puffs was empty… he saved it, and he fell asleep holding it. We were all piled on our bed when it was time to fall asleep and he picked to cuddle up to Hanna with his puffs container and fall asleep. What a treat for her!

Earlier we tried introducing him to swimming. He passed on that, but did enjoy a bath later on. When we met him 1 week ago, he came to us in the cutest little pair of squeaky shoes. He loves them! When he fell asleep next to Hanna, he still had them on. Couldn’t bear to part wit them at the end of the day, so we put them back on with his jammies. He loves to go out and about and when he tires of working on things in our room, he stands at the door of our room hoping for a chance to go somewhere and says , “bye, bye!” He also likes to be carried in the sling we brought with us and sometimes climbs right in when it’s time to get off the bus or leave the restaurant. 

At the medical center appointment, we all found out he most definitely does not enjoy check ups. Henry is mostly potty trained and when I say, “let’s go potty,” he heads right for the bathroom. Sometimes I notice I can’t hear any squeaky shoes and find him waiting for me to help him in the bathroom. It’s fun to watch all the kids enjoying getting to know him. I think he and Michael are going to be partners in crime for sure! He has also learned to say “uh, oh” and that’s what I think about that! There is so much more to share, but now to figure out how to get those squeaky shoes off without waking him up…