my heart.

The days here are full of activity and cuddles and giggles…
but not much sleep!

(Dishes, lots of dishes… and laundry!
But we had some amazing help with that…
you know who you are!)

Our hearts are full too.
We are so thankful.


We just had the sweetest talk with Lucy…

“I think this is a better place to live than I lived before.  I get to ride in the car and go to stores.  I get to play with my brothers and sisters and go to the park.  I like my family. I get to play with playmobil here and I get to wear fancy dresses.  I had 3 fancy dresses in China, not as much.  But I didn’t get to bring them home.
And Petunia. I get to have Petunia.”

(Lucy’s favorite doll.)

Do you know that it has not even been two years
since our Lucy Joy came home?!?!


We are so pleased with how everyone is doing.
Of course we have tears and frustrations too…
Things like…
Will I get a shower TODAY?
And…Michael might be heard saying things like,
“I want him to get down so I can sit there,” as he motions to my lap…
or something else less subtle.

Most of our pictures of Henry look something like this…

He and I are “tight.”

But really, it is amazing.
Jason and I are just trying to keep up with them all!


We do have a concern that we would ask you to pray about.  Henry’s  liver panel was high in the medical file we received from China, but our pediatrician thought it was perhaps consistent with a recent immunization or infection, not a chronic problem.  Those numbers were two years old when we received them. Blood work done this week shows the numbers as still high, so we are going to see a GI doctor at the end of the month.  We are praying for a simple answer, for healing of any problems present in his little body, and wisdom and discernment for all caregivers involved.

(After a morning that was a bit overwhelming, we decided to get cary out for lunch! On the way home, Michael kept saying, “Thumbs up, mom, thumbs up!” When we pulled in the driveway and the garage door went up, Henry’s face lit up with a smile…
he didn’t know if we were coming back or not.)


Thank you for walking this journey with us, praying with us, hoping with us, and caring for us in so many practical ways.





9 thoughts on “my heart.

  1. Prayers for Henry and his physicians and his family, all! Love seeing the tiny glimpses into some of your joyful moments. Thrilled to hear you just load up and grab carry out when you need to, too!! Love you all!!

  2. I wondered how if was going…good to hear you are carving out this new life with ONE more! I can’t wait to meet him, and see all of you. We are coming to Stacys wedding.

  3. Such a sweet post!! Love seeing all the pictures and joy!! Praying for little Henry’s test results and upcoming appointment!!! Love you!!! Hugs!!

  4. We will keep praying for little Henry and for the family. We will be praying for wisdom for the doctors and that there is nothing that cannot be easily taken care of and that Henry will remain healthy and enjoy his new family. Sending you all love and hugs! Grandma Cindy

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