We are now 16 hours into our incredible #MissionHenry 🇨🇳 adventure. Last night we had two goals: Henry needs to eat and sleep. Both were a smashing success. He loves to eat everything we’ve tried; bread, rice, beef, and raisins. Especially raisins in nice red boxes because he can open, close, and stack them after you empty them. He drinks a bottle before and after sleeping, which he did for about 10 hours.

We were warned that he was shy and would only talk when he was very comfortable. So far he is mellow and content. He plays with toys and toddles around our room but always comes back to be with mama. He has a ready smile and even coos occasionally. He enjoys rides in buses, elevators, and our baby sling. 

Thank you so much to everyone who has been supporting and praying for us. Y’all mean so much to us. 

12 thoughts on “Gotcha

  1. OH MY WORD, YOU’VE GOT HENRY!!!!!!!!!!!!! HORRAY!!!!! I am so happy for you all, I know you are the perfect family for Henry!!
    Jaidyn Elise

  2. *confetti* *fireworks* YESSS!!!! Sooo happy for you guys!!! Henry is adorable!! =) I am SO SUPER GLAD that he is adjusting so well…I’ll pray that that continues!!

  3. We are sooooooooo excited for your family….continuing to pray as you meld into the fab Rothfuss8!!!! Sleeping, eating, bonding, and smooth final details before you come HOME!!!
    Much LOVE!!!! the K’s

  4. I am here with tears of rejoicing and praise to a faithful Father who has provided much for you all in this journey!!! So excited for Henry to meet his forever family and for them to meet their forever son. Prayers for you each!!! Much Love — the Andersons!

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