Adventure Update!

home stud·y
noun: homestudy
  1. a course of study carried out at home, rather than in a traditional classroom setting.
  2. an assessment of prospective adoptive parents to see if they are suitable for adopting a child.

Each time a family adopts, they are required to have a new homestudy completed.  We began in October, and just received word today that our homestudy, done by a licensed Nebraska agency, has been approved by our placement agency, AWAA!  This is a big milestone in the adoption adventure.  The next step is to begin working with US Immigration. Our approval from them together with our homestudy will become part of our dossier that will precede us in making the trip to China before we can travel to bring home Rothfuss family member number 8.

After Michael came home, I wrote him a little story about a baby bird whose nest had been blown out of the tree by a storm and how the first mommy and daddy bird searched and searched for a new, safe nest to place the baby bird in as soon as it hatched.  Then, when we learned that Lucy Joy’s Chinese name meant sea bird or sea sparrow… we began to call her our Sparrow.  So, now when we talk with them about their new brother or sister, we talk about our new little birdie.

We have not yet been matched with a new little birdie, but are anxiously waiting on God to reveal this precious one’s identity to us!  Our hope, Lord willing, is that we would be able to travel to adopt one of the children in Lucy’s city, from the same orphanage where she was cared for. Would you pray with us that we would be able to travel to bring our new little birdie home to the nest in 2016?  We have much work left to do and we will need to depend on God to move mountains… of paperwork!  We know HE is able!


He is before all things, and in him all things hold together…
Colossians 1:17