We are still hoping to be China bound by Thanksgiving, amazed at all God has done to answer our simple prayer to please prepare Lucy’s heart to join our family.  The team that visited her orphanage this month (that I mentioned here and on Facebook) have sent us stories and pictures and videos that amaze our worker at Lifeline.  A very different experience from the norm.  I keep trying to process it all and boil it down to a coherent story for a blog post and then I receive more pictures and “meet” another member from the team online… my head is swimming and my heart is full.




Here is just one of many wonderful stories from the team’s week in China.
There are many more to be found if you scroll through Kelly’s blog.

It’s getting closer!


Our Visa Applications were submitted
to the Chinese Consulate
in Chicago today!

The currier should return our passports to us on the 23,
the same day that our Article 5 should be ready to be
picked up from the US Consulate in Guangzhou.

We’ll be there soon, Lucy Joy!

Final Update Received!

We received a final update from Lucy Joy’s orphanage today!
She is growing!
She is now 50 lbs. and 50 inches tall…
I think I should have bought bigger jammies!

We also received word from her orphanage via our social worker that we could communicate with Lucy via China’s version of Skype-
QQ International.
We spent some time getting up to speed on how that works,
and hope to make an appointment with a contact at
her orphanage to do so soon.

It’s Official…

Take a look at who is going to
with mom and dad!


We are sure she will be a big encouragement
to our Sparrow and a big help to mom and dad.

For those of you who “know”
China adoption,
our Article 5 has been dropped off
and we hope it will be ready to be picked up
in about a week and a half.
Pray with us that the holidays they have had recently
will not delay things?

Our adoption timeline is updated to reflect this progress!
Take a look at the sidebar to the right.

In other news…
I think we bought the cutest pajamas ever this afternoon
for Lucy Joy!