Making Progress


Big progress has been made on
Lucy Joy’s Puzzle Project!
We are so grateful to everyone who has sponsored puzzle pieces.
Thank you so much!

More than half of the puzzle has been completed!

Here is a peek at how the puzzle is looking now:puzzlepickjune

I think my favorite piece is this one with the little man who
is making his way home…
Just like our Sparrow!


If you would like to help complete Lucy Joy’s Puzzle,
you can use the paypal button in the sidebar and
if you would like to read our original Puzzle Project Post,
you can do that here.

We are still nesting!
nestingboys“building shelves for the girls’ room”

“making room for our new sister”



 We received our update on Lucy Joy!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…



Isn’t she beautiful?

We also appreciate the words that were sent in answer to our questions.
We learned that Lucy Joy is 120cm tall (or 47.2 inches) and weighs 20kg (or 44 pounds),
and that she likes fruit and yogurt.
We have also learned that our Dossier has already been translated
and is now being reviewed.

It seems as though our paper work is speeding along and we cannot wait
to meet our Sparrow and learn many more things about her.

If you would like to help bring our precious daughter home,
there are still puzzle pieces left to sponsor in
Lucy Joy’s Puzzle Project!

The one who calls you is faithful, and he will do it.
1 Thessalonians 5:24

through the power and strength of Christ

Wisdom from our social worker, Meagan,
at Lifeline Children’s Services…

“While it is important to try and process as much education as you can before Lucy Joy gets home it is good to remember how you will implement that education. It is through the power and strength of Christ that your family will be able to implement those resources and education in a way that brings glory to Him. I love adoption because it is the perfect picture of what Christ has done for us. He sought us out and pursued us even though we fought and pushed away. That is exactly what you will be doing with your sweet daughter and it will definitely take Jesus being in the equation like you mentioned.”