Prayer and Channeling

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers about our fingerprints. We ended up using a channeler.

Finger PrintIt turns out the FBI allows some private companies to send fingerprints directly to them for background checks. They really call themĀ channelers.

In the old days (before September 2013) the Nebraska State Patrol would run background checks at the state level, and then run background checks against the national FBI database, this process would take about 8 weeks.

I was the guinea pig for our agency using a private channeler and the process took a total of 1 day.

In our last home study this was one of the most time consuming parts, this time it was one of the quickest.

6 thoughts on “Prayer and Channeling

  1. We are going through the same problem with my wife’s prints. Which channeller did you use in the Omaha area? Any special tips such as lotions that seem to work? Thanks.

    • We used a company called Fieldprint ( They use existing businesses all across the US to gather and submit the prints electronically. We signed up online, requested a time and location, then went to a local UPS Store and we were in and out in 10 minutes. Those prints went fine, even Kirstin’s, but she had much more trouble with the Homeland Security prints we had to do as part of our I-800A- see post here.

      • Thanks for the info. We are signed up with Fieldprint. My wife will have her prints taken this week. This has been the most frustrating part of the application process. She has had three sets of fingerprints, all done by different law enforcement departments, with no luck. Hopefully, we will have similar success with Fieldprint. Thanks again!

  2. Fieldprint did the trick. My wife was able to successfully get a set a prints that the FBI was able to read. We received their report short afterward and forwarded the report to our adoption agency. Great news right? Well, they prefer that the FBI report is printed on security paper. We received a PDF of the FBI report. Apparently, this may cause a snafu once we send it to overseas. Now we just need to beg the FBI or Fieldprint to send us the report on special security paper!

  3. What adoption agency were you working with in Nebraska that accepted Fieldprint FBI background check? We have found out that we sent our prints to FBI directly and have now found out it will be 12-14 weeks to get back (the application indicated 4-6 weeks). Just learned about FBI channelers such as fieldprint, but don’t know our agency will accept it. Thank you!

    • Hi! We worked with Lutheran Family Services in Nebraska for our home study, and Lifeline Children’s Services in Alabama for the China piece of our adoption process. Let us know if you have any other questions that we might be able to help you with!

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