Background Checks and Fingerprints

Today we spent over $100 to procure documentation that we are not criminals at the local or national level. I am ok with that ~ we want these precious children that are eligible for adoption going to safe homes and families!

 Here is what I am worried about…

I apparently have “difficult” fingerprints.

 After visiting the Douglas County Sheriff to get (blank) copies of our local criminal histories, the officer downtown at the Omaha Police Department had to roll some of my prints 4 and 5 times, and the computer still said that they were not good enough! They have been submitted along with Jason’s to the State Patrol in Lincoln to have a National Criminal/FBI History Check done ~ but they could be deemed unreadable or rejected.

 Will pray with us that God will smooth over this potential bump in our adoption process? If they are rejected and have to be rerolled, it could add weeks to our home study process.

 Thank you!!

The king’s heart is like channels of water in the hand of the Lord;

He turns it wherever He wishes.

Proverbs 21:1



First Home Study Visit Done – Check!

 Only 12-18 months left to go!

 This would have us traveling to China sometime late 2014, or hopefully by early 2015. We have learned from our adoption journey with Michael, that often these “suggested timelines” are not always an accurate description of what will really happen, but this is what Lifeline Children’s Services says is reasonable to expect. This next year to year and a half will involve some reading, education on international adoption and attachment issues, physicals for the whole family, fingerprints and background checks, coordinating 2 different adoption agencies, and lots and lots of forms. I know that some of you reading know much better than we do what lies ahead, but for some of you, this may be a helpful description of the future.

We appreciate you walking along side of us in this new adventure…we are excited to see what God has in store!

 We have been quite encouraged by this verse shared on a blog by the name of There’s No Place Like Home …

 Do not be afraid, for I am with you; I will bring your children from the east and gather you from the west.

Isaiah 43:5



Why? Those who go outside of the mainstream of society hear that question a lot; I thought I would answer some of those whys.

We knew before we started the journey to adopt Michael that adoption would be a lifestyle for our family for a while. We just decided that background checks and homestudies would be our normal for a few years (perhaps til we’re 45?). We recently looked at doing another local adoption, but were compelled by circumstance to look beyond Omaha. The more we looked at international adoption, the more we were drawn to it. Though the red tape and incredible expense were appealing to us, it was actually the reality that there are children in orphanages waiting for families that made this decision for us.

We found a great agency (Lifeline), and chose China, out of perhaps 20 countries that they work with, for many reasons.
We chose “Special Needs” because those are the children who are waiting. They are the children that society says are damaged and broken (just like us before Christ).


Dear Friends,

Just a quick note to let you know that Kirstin and I have decided to pursue adopting from China. The child will have some special needs, though we don’t know what that means yet. We have just begun and being matched with specific children comes much later.
There are many factors in a decision like this. In short, we don’t have the money or feel like we have the ability, but we have been given the desire and feel we have also been given God’s grace to do it.

Please join us in prayer as we begin this journey!

Jason and Kirstin Rothfuss