More Xi’an and Notes on Henry Vol. II

Our visit to Henry and Lucy’s old home was a success.

Henry is more outgoing, opinionated, and loud by the hour. He repeats simple phrases and syllables in Chinese; 好了(hǎo le) is a favorite, it means “enough” or “good.” He knows family words in Chinese as well (gēge for big brother, jiějie for big sister, bàba for father, and māma for… mama) and usually assigns them to the correct person. His first English words were “uh oh” which he says when he drops things and as I was typing this he picked up a small jar of bubble liquid and said “bubble” to mama.

We got to see some more of Xi’an’s sights over the last few days.

Eating with chopsticks and haggling over prices is so much fun.

We landed in Guangzhou last night which means we have one week left in the PRC! 🇨🇳

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