We have news!
We have received our
Travel Approval


This is the next step on the road to China!
We will hopefully have travel dates to share with you in the next few days…
but I can tell you, we are almost there!

We also received our passports back today via FedEx…
with Chinese Visas inside!!

We have raised 75% of our $3,000 goal at mySTORY!
Thank you so, so much to everyone who has contributed!
We have been Tagging the Bag with many wonderful and special names!
That leaves a little under $800 left to raise toward our matching grant.
We have a few days left to do this to be able to realize the
full $3,000 that Lifesong is willing to bless us with.

the gift


“Now, every day I am offered the gift of living in such a way that I get a taste of what it means to need him… I get to be knocked around by the fallout of belonging to a life where I am wildly ill equipped to meet its demands.”
Shannan Martin
Falling Free

gift7 gift8



(In the boys room – they are all 3 represented here!)



you should read this book!

there are still a few weeks left to Tag the Bag!

Update Received!


Oh, my goodness!
The cuteness!
I just can’t even!


Yesterday, we received 2 new videos and 3 new pictures and
also a written update on our little man!

I have been so excited that 4 1/2 year old Michael gets to be a big brother…
big brother is right!
Michael is almost 42 inches tall and weighs 42 lbs.
At 3 years old, Yang Yang is less than 35 inches tall and
weighs in at a mere 26 lbs.
He is just a little peanut!

We so appreciate all the information that his caregivers shared
on his development and life in China.

“His general health is good.  He seldom gets ill.”

“His mental development is normal as compared with his peers.”

“His gross motor skill is normal… His coordination is well.”


“He can understand and follow the orders from the caretakers.”

“He can express his needs well.”

“He gets along well with the caretakers. He also likes to play with the other children.”

He is going to fit right in with the other boys around here…

“He likes to play balls, build blocks, and ride a children’s bike outside.”

This one cracked us all up!

“He is an active, clever, lovely, and naughty boy.”


Did I mention that I think he is going to fit right in around here!?!?

How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity!
Psalm 133:1

There is still time to Tag the Bag!