Mother Bear

As I write this, it is Friday, the day after Thanksgiving 2015.
We have had a wonderful morning of baking, painting, make believe and playing with siblings, studying, and even a mock debate round in our dining room to prep for the upcoming tournament season.  What a pleasure to share a day at home…

as a family.

After lunch, we all settled in for some quiet time, or as we call it “room time.”
Hanna, daughter #2, asked me to take a minute to read her most recent blog post before she posted it online.  Each day for the last week or so, she has been posting a little thought about our trip to China last fall in which our good God accomplished all that needed to be done to bring home our Sparrow – daughter #3.
I am undone by it.

Won’t you read it?
You can click here to go to her blog.

So Much to be Thankful for

We have so much to be THANKFUL for!
Today we are celebrating Lucy Joy’s Adoption Day!

Here’s a snippet of our breakfast conversation as we talked about the party banner hung up in the kitchen and our plans to have ice cream and cookies… and, of course, strawberries later tonight when Baba gets home…


“Lucy, you’ve been a Rothfuss for a whole year now!”

“We gonna be forever?” Lucy asked,
and then before I could answer, she said, “Yeah!”