Celebrating Adoption Day


Every year on August 21, we celebrate the day Michael’s Adoption was finalized.  Here’s a glimpse of how we celebrated today and a recent interaction I had with Michael…

Adoption Day 2015 1

adoption day 2015 2
adoption day 2015 3

Mom:  “…and thank you for sunshine and good food and blankies…”

Michael:  “Do some more.”

Mom:  “…and thank you for Birth Mom Miss Lynsie and Mr. Ryan…”

Michael:  “What is a birth mom?”

Mom:  “Before you were born, you grew in Miss Lynsie’s tummy, she knew she did not have a good nest for you to grow up in, so she went looking for one. And mom and dad were looking for a baby…”

Michael:  “And it was me!”

Mom:  “That’s right, and we met and we all decided together to name you Michael Joseph and when you were ready to come out of Miss Lynsie’s tummy, mom and dad brought you home and adopted you.”

Michael:  “Oh, thank you! I glad you ‘dopted me.”